Magento B2B

Magento B2B done right!

Magento B2B: understanding that we're not just building another B2C site.

Magento B2B

B2B is not easy…

Developing an effective B2B website takes knowledge and expertise. Knowledge to identify what type of feature your B2B customers will benefit from and expertise to bring that feature to life! Blendium is a leading Magento eCommerce solutions provider with extensive experience in developing custom B2B features for business to business websites.

Utilizing the robust and highly customizable Magento platform, we turn your B2B dreams into a reality. We are a turnkey eCommerce company, meaning we can assist you with any or all aspects of developing and maintaining your Magento B2B website.

Starting with our expert eCommerce consultants, we work with you to identify solutions to your B2B requirements. Bringing these solutions to life, are our expert design and development staff and overseeing the entire process, are our dedicated project managers. Contact us today to learn more about out Magento B2B website development services!

Tired of Agencies not understanding your true B2B needs--thinking they can just build another B2C e-commerce site and call it B2B? We're here to help!