Magento Optimization

Magento done right!

Once your Magento site is up and running, the real work begins. Blendium will work within your KPI's to optimize Magento toward those KPI's. Or, if needed, help you and your company define those KPI's.

Magento Optimization

Launching an e-commerce site can be a daunting undertaking. But, bringing your business online is just the beginning. Once you’ve launched, you will need to be continually testing, evaluating and improving your e-commerce presence. Taking a data driven approach to how and where you’ll budget this next phase.

While some agencies prefer to launch sites and then move on to the next project, at Blendium we really love to partner with our clients for their long-term success, working with them for years after the launch of their Magento-powered e-commerce site.

However, we’re available to help evaluate your existing site to determine what areas should be improved or tested. Once we’ve identified critical areas based on your KPIs and our research, we”ll assist you in conducting usability studies to develop potential improvements. Then, through A/B-testing we’ll determine the direct impact those improvements will have on your revenue. Again, using data to guide us to the best possible decisions for your business.

A website’s success depends largely on the traffic that is driven to it. Our online marketing services are proven to help you achieve increased website traffic through organic ranking in search engines, Pay-Per-Click advertising, opt-in e-mail marketing, copywriting, and integration of your web marketing strategy to your print campaign. Social Media sites–such as twitter, facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, or even Instagram–provide another marketing channel. In addition, our offline social media strategy blends the online world with real world actions.

Our experiences in this space provide an invaluable insight into weaving this with your current marketing strategies.


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